Time With Friends
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Social Skills Groups for Children with Autism and Other Special Needs
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   Children with Special Needs often struggle with social relationships. Our groups emphasize the importance of fun, safe interactions between children using play, music, art and literature.   The children will learn to use their language, both verbal and non-verbal to communicate with one another, take turns and share while discovering the world around them.  

Simply put...we help children make new friends and enjoy the time they spend together in a comfortable home based setting.
Sample One Hour Session:

“Getting to Know You (and Me)”

Find our names and hang up our coats!

As each child comes in, the other children greet their friend using his/her name.

Make a silly face (craft) - Each child receives a “face” puppet and their choice of facial feature stickers to create their own silly face!

Music and Movement - Children receive their own personal mirror to look at their faces during music and movement:
Songs: “My Lips”, “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes”, and “The Body Rock”

Mystery Box - We put some interactive things in our Mystery Box, such as a flashlight, a squishy ball, an instrument, bubbles, etc. The children will take turns reaching into the box and getting an object. They will then listen to an instruction and follow through. The instructions will encourage peer interaction such as “shine the light on ______” or “throw the ball to _______.” We encourage, model and prompt language between the children.

IPad time - Face Maker HD - The children take turns dragging and dropping facial features to make a unique face to share with their friends. Then each child selects one facial feature to make a collaborative face. Appropriate language is used by the students to communicate to one another.

Play time - We put out just one activity for the children to share. This week’s activity is Mr. Potato Head.

Goodbye Time...we say goodbye to our friends until next week!